Seminar on von Neumann algebras

This seminar will take place every monday afternoon from 15:30 until 17:00 10:30 until 12:00 in room 610.
We will follow this book by Vaughan Jones.


14 Feb: Egbert. Notes
Definitions of von Neumann algebras. Topologies on B(H).
21 Feb: Edwin.
Definition and classification of type I factors, and maps between them.
28 Feb: Daniel.
Projections in type II factors.
Starting from this week, we meet from 10:30 to 12:00, again in room 610, except for March 7th (BBL226) and 21st (BBL017).
7 Maart: Bram.
Kaplanski density theorem. More over topologies.
14 Maart: Egbert.
Normality and complete additivity.
21 Maart: Sander. Notes
The predual.
28 Maart: Edwin.
The group-measure space construction
4 April: Thomas.
von Neumann algebras in quantum field theory.
11 April: Daniel.
The standard form; the coupling constant.
18 April: Sander. Notes
Subfactors, the basic constuction.
25 April: paasmaandag
2 Mei: Bram.
Tomita Takesaki theory.
9 Mei: Edwin
The central decomposition into factors.
16 Mei: Gijs.
The L2 space. Connes fusion.

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